event photographer

2013 Green Inaugural Ball

To say we were honored to be selected to shoot the 2013 green Inaugural Ball would be an understatement.

7 shooters, 2 production assistants. Step-and-repeat, social, stage and design coverage.  On-site real-time delivery, 48 hour turnaround, and delivery management to multiple entities.

Guests, speakers and performers included Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar, Will.I.Am., Shelia E. and Bill Nye. The event took place in the Newseum in downtown Washington D.C.

An exciting day for DA!

Gridwise Global Forum

The Gridwise Global Forum is a gathering of corporate and political leaders from around the world convened with the intent of improving energy delivery, and in particular, electrical grids.

Speakers included Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu, New York Times Columnist Thomas Friedman, and Procter and Gamble Chairman Bob McDonald. It took place at The Ronald Reagan International Trade Center in Washington D.C.